Medical Help
Providing medical care, thus benefiting the whole community. In most cases, when living on the outskirts, the distance and lack of transportation to major cities to receive the appropriate medical attention becomes a tough battle. This is where PVF endeavors to expand in order to provide those in need with accessible care.
Child Sponsorship Programme for Children with Multiple Disabilities
Providing help to children suffering from multiple disabilities. Most children have the privilege to participate in recreational activities after-school, attend summer camps and various workshops that inculcate additional skills in their life. At school they get a chance to indulge in physical education classes and play their favorite sport for fun. However for children with severe physical and mental disabilities such opportunities for activity and leisure become limited. They too have the same need and desire to enjoy such activities like swimming, sports, summer camps, theatre workshops where they are treated equal as their peers. This desire to be included in the normalcy around them is difficult for them to communicate.
PVF wants to make it easier by giving them ample opportunities to indulge in a range of recreational activities and creating a rich social environment for them to flourish.
Rural Development
India is a country of villages. Rural Development comprise of the following:
*    Provision of basic infrastructure facilities in the rural areas e.g. schools, health facilities, proper roads, drinking water, electricity etc.
*    Assistance to individual families and Self Help Groups (SHG) living below poverty line by providing productive resources through credit and subsidy.
Helping the Aged
Some elderly people are fortunate enough to have good retirement plans or significant savings but others live on very limited incomes and have trouble just making ends meet. PVF would like to get involved into helping the Older People in India. We are looking forward in helping them overcome poverty, claim their rights, challenge discrimination and lead dignified, secure and healthy lives.