Welcome to Phool Versha Foundation!


“They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive” – Swami Vivekananda

Phool Versha Foundation envisions growing across the concept of religions, caste and creed, addressing the basic need for living life with dignity, helping those in need and alleviating those who are dependent, thus enhancing the quality and dignity of life around us.


From its inception in April – 2009, the foundation was started with a single motive in mind to: HELP THOSE IN NEED.

When some people, see the need to help, they help, the burden of the cost and procuring the resources doesn’t matter. All they care about is to leave the person feeling better than before.

Ms. Phool Versha was such a lady, she always preached – “Charity begins at home” She taught us to take care of and nurture our own, and slowly expand our reach as much as we could. This idea of looking at the whole world as one large family imbued qualities of service and love for all around us. Her strong belief has now eventually translated into helping the world. We take our values and the name of the foundation from her.

Our intention is to HELP ANYONE, ANYWHERE. We are constantly looking out for opportunities to do so with our team, venturing out in the nook and corners of the country, with a soul purpose to not just provide for but empower people with the skills and tools to help them become self reliant and self sustainable.


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